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Since I remember my self, I saw people without their masks, good and bad alike, as an "open book". For many years I assumed that everybody was like me, seeing what I perceived until I realized differently...


During my childhood, many injured animals came to me for help, mainly cats, I would pass my hand over their wounds, and I would feel a vibration of energy exit  my hand, after a number of days  I observed that the wounds almost disappeared. 

For many years of my childhood I didn't ascribe importance to these phenomena, and supposed that they were accidental; until one day, a person that was very close to me suffered from terrible pains for a very long time. She tried all kinds of healing methods from different fields, but nothing helped her. One evening I offered her my help and she agreed. I proceeded to pass my hands over her leg she began to sense energy currents moving in her leg.

When she arose the next day, she was able to get out of her bed, she suddenly felt as if the pain had never been there, but I still assumed it was accidental.

In time the rumors about me began to spread, and many people started coming to me for help.

Every day that passes, every session I do, I discover that it is in my ability to help many and with great deal of success in a wide range of ages, from little children up to adults.

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