Liat was born with an incredible innate ability for channeling, spiritual guidance and energy healing. It allows her to see people as an open book, physically and mentally, within seconds, without the use of any tools. 

Liat looks at the person, his image or his name, in order to receive amazingly accurate information about them.

Liat conducts channeled personal and business sessions in all areas of life, either by phone from anywhere in the world; or by face to face meetings at her spiritual center in northern Israel. The session includes energetic healing and strengthening if needed.

Liat specializes in energetic purification of houses and businesses as well as connecting to relatives and friends that have crossed over to the other side (death).

She also provides help for businesses in the placement of executive employees.
Contact Information:
972-(0)52-8965-058 / liat@liat.ws
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Congratulates you happiness, love, health,
success and significance in life


Liat Weisskopf
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